Study in Hungary

Why study in Hungary?

If you want to study amid the charm and opportunities of Europe, but are looking for an affordable and unique option, Hungary may be the perfect country for you to study abroad. With an easy application process, low tuition and cost of living, and beautiful historic cities, Hungary has plenty to offer you! Learn how to study in Hungary and find the perfect university for you on Global Admissions.

Hungary is one of the cheapest countries to live in Europe and still get a high-quality lifestyle. For example, living in Budapest is at least 30% cheaper than other European cities like Prague, Zurich, Madrid, and Athens. For budget-conscious students, Hungary is the best option.

Hungarian is one of the 24 official languages of the EU and spoken by communities of Hungarians all around the world. It is very rare to have the opportunity to learn this useful language outside of Hungary, so you can take advantage of the opportunity while studying in Hungary. This will increase your employability in the future, allow you to understand the local culture



Wekerle Business School was founded in Budapest in 2008. Although it is a young university, it has a professional academic staff with many years of experience.

Wekerle Business School is a prestigious institution with the mission of providing superior education within the Bologna system. Its purpose; To create educational conditions that increase students' academic and personal development by combining high-level academic knowledge with practical education based on institutional partnerships.


Budapest, Hungary

Subject Areas

Accounting & Finance, Business Management, Economics


February and September


Overall 5.5 each band 5.0

Available Undergraduate Programs

  • BA in Commerce & Marketing
  • BA in Business Administration and Management
  • BA in Business Informatics